We have a voice

We suppress it often.

We accept what we are told.

We abide by the rules and compromise our morale values.

We earn our money.

We wake up.

We enslave ourselves.

We are not allowed to ask.

We see the money come and go.

We see us get older.

We will one day leave this earth.

We must remember.

We have a voice.

We will soon come together.

We will be heard.

We will learn.

We will get wiser.

We will make things right.

We have a voice.


The Pessimist

I snooze my alarm,
In time, I will finally start the day.

I brush my teeth.
I shower.
I skip breakfast.
Sightlessly make my way to work.

Unconsciously, I appear by my desk,
I look forward to my lunch.
Talking to others will only make things real;
Their complaints, I do not want to hear.

The last hour of the day is always the slowest,
But I fill it with menial tasks.
I disappear mostly to the washroom;
Scrolling through games and dating apps on my phone.

Finally, it is time to go.

Thoughtlessly make it home.
Twelve hours goes to the pockets of the Rich;
Three hours to cram all that I want to do for myself.
Eat. Brush my teeth. Stare at the ceiling.

Finally, close my eyes,
And dread another day coming.
I accept my fate,
Nothing will change.




We can plant a seed

But it will only survive on a fertile soil.


A tree can grow and bear its fruit

But what if its fruit is inedible?


Remind the children to learn the lesson of life and how to care for all that is living,

For all that is learned when one is young,

Will bear its own fruit;

But all must learn that it all starts with planting a seed.